Monday, June 22, 2009

Love the Person in Front of You

Sorry for the lack of continuation on the last post. I am almost out of time again at the internet cafe, and so I will not be able to finish. I did want to write something and that was just the title of this post: love the person in front of you.

It's true...there is so much wrong in the world. So much death, persecution, oppression, sadness, suffering, false hopes, lost hopes. But there is also hope...hope in the work that we can do. That hope can lead to action (and in turn life) if we choose to love the person in front of us. It takes more than one of us. It takes all of us.

If we can become a community of healing and loving hands, then we will, like Michael Jackson says in his song, "Heal the World," "together cry happy tears."

In a hope that comes Today,



  1. great posts zach. always look forward to reading them.


  2. My heart swells with pride and joy at your compassion and growing sense of how you can help those less fortunate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. love Mom