Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Random, I know. So appropriate though, for everyone in life. We have choices. Sometimes we have two options, sometimes three or more. But what boundaries or possibilities are there in choice? Endless.

"I want to know God's thoughts. The rest are just details." Albert Einstein

The math genius said something along those lines. I was thinking about that quote after yesterday's post. I wonder what choice would look like if we did see the world through the eyes of God. What kind of way would or could we approach life if we perceived any and every situation the way God would? I guess we can try though, right? We can ask ourselves in "any and every situation, "How would God approach or look at this? What would he say or do?" I've been thinking about that while being in the hospital. Today, the first patient I saw at the hospital was a woman who was suffering. Breathing was heavy. Pulse, both fast and faint. Foaming at the mouth. Suffering. I won't go into all the medical terms, because I doubt I really know them anyway, but I really do wonder what God is doing here? The other doctor that was attending to the patient is a Christian. She is trusting and praying too. We walked outside and the family had wanted to go in and pray with their relative. God was alive in the room, outside the room, and in the family's hearts. It was cool though. I talked with them for a couple minutes after and it turns out one man lived in NY for a long time. The sister had a daughter in Decatur, GA. She is a nurse. Funny that I, a 19 yr. old boy, would end up observing the treatment of a patient whose family lived less than 100 miles from my house back in Atlanta? I ask myself sometimes, what is going on here, both in this moment, and in this world? How can we stop and look at a situation and try to see what God is doing? What growth is occuring? What good is happening? How, then, can we seize this moment?

We can choose to seize it. I'm reading a book (recommended by a friend) entitled Chasing Daylight. It is all about "seizing divine moments." It's true. The back of the book said something about forgetting fear...that what if instead of having fear of falling backwards, we anticipate the beauty of constantly falling forwards...rolling..stumbling..picking ourselves back up as we move towards the light and towards the good of the world.

Choice. Choose to do good. Choose to have mercy. I realized lately how much of a life of convenience I have been living. Even if it's just in my heart and how intently I listen to a conversation or the much I'm spending on learning about medicine while I'm here...I wonder, how much good all of us, both separately and together, could do if we choose to be intentional, bold, and loving.




  1. I'm liking this blog so far Obinna, keep writing.

    I'm glad you are choosing Christ. He's shaping you and making the other choices easier. Your compassion grows, your mercy grows and your ability to love grows. Especially in the tough moments.

  2. this sounds like such an amazing experiencce-- you're growing and learning so much. thanks for sharing with us. we love and miss you!

    =) juliet

  3. "It is our choices far more than our abilities that make us who we are." Albus Dumbledore

    There is so much ready to be born through us, yet our choices unlock potential. They start the process of birth - sometimes easy, sometimes difficult. You are definitely revealing Truth here, Zach. It truly is all about our choices. Who and what are we living for? How will each day be a testimony to that?

    Thank you for your words. They are blessings to us.