Monday, September 7, 2009

Part of a Writing

Love: An Orientation

What if love were real?
What if love were intimate and close?
What if love were here?

What if we had such a desire for rightesouness and justice that we no longer had to stop ourselves and ask "'O man, what is good?'" but instead were justified by this righteousness and compassion that it becomes simple. It becomes simple to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly. It becomes simple to not look away from the homeless person in order to avoid giving. Rather, it becomes an orientation. Our orientation.

And, I don't just say our because it's in me or can be accomplished by one person alone. It takes a joint effort. People, coming together in unity, a community, acting as a symphony with one rythym and one beat as we take this message of love to the street...


  1. this is a beautiful image. i wonder what stops us? why we don't go all the way and always work to make the world this loving? why is it so hard to show the love we all want to receive?

  2. I am not sure either. But let's do it. Let's make this image a reality. ARLI (A Real Life Image).

    Hope you are well, Ivy. Rest up. :)